Dear Black Female Creative,

Dear Black female creative,

If you have ever felt like you’ve had to work twice as hard to get half as much as your non-black female cohorts, then I’m writing this for you. 

I didn’t really plan on posting this… but today is the first day of Black History Month, so I figure its a good time to talk about our future. I have been working hard in my industry for 6 years. I literally started a business with NOTHING. I went from being unemployed to supporting myself and employing/ creating jobs for others, all by doing what I love. I made a lot of mistakes and I am extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I believe I’ve had some good luck, but mostly I’ve worked my ass off to make the most of every opportunity that I could. 

I believe in the power of women and I work in an industry where “girl power” is basically a religion. Women are banning together, collaborating, lifting each other up and building networks to ensure that they’re all getting a fair shot at the same opportunities. But I, more often than not, feel excluded from this support both on a personal and professional level and I know I’m not the only one.  So what do I do? Confront people?  Fire off some angry tweets? Complain? (sometimes)  But mostly, I just keep working harder and use the frustration as fuel for my dopeness.

But today I want to do something different. Black girls, lets link up!!  Artist, entrepreneurs, bloggers, musicians, actors, writers, designers, whatever! I don’t care how many followers you have on social media or where you are in your professional or creative journey. I have a lot to share and a lot that I want to learn and accomplish in this world and I believe that we can do it together!



p.s. Email me:

A Casual Weekend in Downtown Los Angeles (featuring Modcloth)

I spent the weekend hanging out in my favorite city (I live here, so I may be a little biased) and wore two outfits from Modcloth that were super cute and more importantly comfortable! 

Saturday: Exploring the Arts District

I threw on this “Fun With Fab On Top Easy Fit” dress, along with my favorite sparkly sneakers and this super cute unicorn cross body (which is totally on sale right now!) and I hit the town!

    This playful pastel print really popped against just about every backdrop.

Sunday: Brunch at Beelman’s + a stroll around the Historic Core

This is the perfect outfit to wear on a casual Sunday and this skirt is totally the star!

I felt like a cute piece of peppermint candy as we walked off our brunch and headed back to your neighborhood.

Looking Forward To Fun In 2018 With ModCloth

As grownups, we have so many concerns in life that sometimes its easy to totally forget about fun! In 2018 fun will be a major focus and I intend to dress the part. This will be a cinch with a little help from my friends at ModCloth!

Cute clothes alone don’t necessarily equal a good time, but I know for a fact that you are definitely more likely to have a ball if what you’re wearing makes you smile when you look in the mirror! Trust me… Ive done the research 😉

I’ve picked out a couple of super cute outfits from Modcloth that will definitely help you have a ball! I know I sure had fun just wearing them around my house and running errands… which tbh is usually pretty lame lol. 

I mean… My skirt is covered in cute little popcorn, cotton candy and pretzels! I’m pretty sure those are the funnest foods ever. Think about about it, whens the last time you had a huge pouf of cotton candy?  I bet you were somewhere fun!

Yes those are gnomes on my socks!

This jumper is a size too large, but I’ve never had more fun doing high kicks! lol

I can’t wait to continue this quest for more fun in the new year! I will be sharing more outfits that I feel really inspire me to get out there and have the best time I can… Whether it be chilling at home or twirling around my town the right outfit really does make a difference!

What are some of your favorite places to shop for fun forward clothes?

Colorful Gallery Wall With Framers Pointe

Ever since we redecorated our loft (Cloudland) earlier this year, there has been one huge  empty wall in the living room.

I made a yarn tassel garland as a placeholder to temporarily bring all the colors in the room together, but I always knew that I wanted to do something more fun!

I’ve partnered with Framers Pointe to create an epic gallery wall inspired by my Instagram feed. Framers Pointe is a online only custom framing site. They have frames, art prints and customizable functional decor like dry-erase, chalkboards and cork! The pricing is pretty reasonable and they have free shipping and returns, which totally makes the whole process way less stressful.

For the gallery wall, I decided to get a bunch of photos framed and printed on canvas. The process was easy enough… you just upload an image and choose whether you want it printed on canvas or as a regular photo. If you want the print framed, there are over 40 framing options to chose from. I opted for a simple gold frame (“Artisan Gold”)  that would work with all of the gold accents in the space.

Since the gallery wall was inspired by my Instagram feed, most of the photos that I got printed were taken with my iPhone. You will want pay close attention to the size and resolution of the original image when choosing what size you’d like your print to be. My prints ranged in size from 8×7 for the some of the canvas to framed prints as large as 24×36. Everything arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition. Each of the frames came with a little kit that had almost everything you needed to hang them. The only additional items you really need are hammer and nails.

I used about a dozen framed photos and a dozen printed on canvas to cover most of a 12 by 12 foot wall. I wanted the wall to be colorful and fit the fun and upbeat vibe of our living room area and home, so I picked a mix images of objects and fun pics of Sal and I (and our pups of course)!

When uploading my original images and choosing the print sizes, I tried to keep a running total of the square footage of each print, but I didn’t really do any further planning beyond that.

This was both Sal and my first time installing a gallery wall or really hanging frames of any sort… so there was definitely a learning curve. But we followed the instructions that came along with the little kits and got the hang of things rather quickly. (lol see what I did there 😉

(And by “we” I mean that Sal did all the heavy lifting and I chose the photos and told him where to put what)  I totally recommend doing this with 2 people if possible! Especially if hanging anything large and heavy or high up.

Overall I am totally happy with my gallery wall and my experience with using Framers Pointe. I love the way all of the prints jazz up the space and and another interesting layer of texture to the room.

I did however underestimate how jarring it would be to see a 3 foot tall photo of myself in print lol… definitely a lot bigger than my phone screen 😉

A Dozen Cute Things at Modcloth Right Now!

The holidays are officially in full swing… which means it’s time for gift giving, getting cozy and dressing up and Modcloth has everything you need to do it all!  Here are 12 super cute things from Modcloth (in no particular order) available right now!

1.  Cute Floral Frock: I love this dress! I had 3 inches taken off and ever since its been one of my favorites!


2.  Unicorn Mug: I’ll only be drinking out of this unicorn mug from now on!


3. Sheep pushpin holder:  Literally the cutest pushpin holder I’ve ever seen

4. Black Dog dress: This is the same dress as #1 but in a different print. The dress was so nice I bought it twice! (I had this one altered too)


5.  Unicorn Onesie: There are a lot of unicorn onesies out there, but I really love this color combo, plus it looks super cozy!

6.  Blush  bow blouse: This pink top looks so cute layered under my floral dress… its also pretty fab with jeans or a skirt.

7.  Silver pleated skirt: I LIVE for a short pleated skirt! I want this one in every color!

8. Unicorn collar pin: Add to a cozy cardigan or crisp collar for instant magic!

9. Emerald green maxi dress: This dress is giving  spring in the winter time vibes, plus its super comfortable… obvi a must!


10. Chiffon shirtdress: Ive learned one thing fro trying to curate a closet full of cute…. When you see a cute dress covered in candy and sweets you buy it! There are candy canes, but I’d still wear it after Christmas.

11. Donut socks: I have a lot of socks, but none are this cute when they’re rolled up; such a clever idea and it would make a great gift.

12. Unicorn bag: I love this take on a unicorn cross body! The face is so cute and those pom poms! *gasp*

Two Cute Date Night Dresses (Featuring Modcloth)

I partnered with Modcloth to share a couple of cute dresses that are perfect for Date night (or any night). I’ve been married to my husband Salvatore for almost a decade, but theres’ still something so special about our date nights. We work together running our business Studio Mucci, which often bleeds deep into our personal time. When we finally get the chance to step away from work and spend some quality time together, I like to look extra cute 😉

Now, I love Modcloth dresses, but I get especially excited when I find ones that fall above the knee that feature cute prints and figure flattering silhouettes.  Since its still like 1,000 degrees here in LA, it seems like I’ll be twirling  my short dresses right into the New year (No complaints here)!   Anyway, these two frocks definitely fit the bill. (And one of them is even black! Gasp!)

Little Black Velvet Dress:

Even a unicorn like me needs a LBD! I love that while this dress is black, its definitely not basic. This Velvet Burnout Shirt Dress with Neck Tie is an easy dress to wear for a more  special night out.

I paired it with sparkling sneakers and The Reel Deal Bag (also from Modcloth). With it’s rich fabric and bow tie neck, this dress is festive enough for holiday parties too, and super comfortable!

Polkadots and Ponies: 

You had me at ponies! Honestly, what is a pony but a horn-less unicorn? This Mesh Detail A-Line Shirt Dress provides the perfect balance between well put-together and effortlessly flirty… which is exactly how I want to look at pretty much all times, but especially on date night!

Throw on some pink shiny flats and a cross-body and you’re ready for wherever the evening takes you. It’s also super cute layered with a cardigan or denim jacket.

Three Perfect Pastel Rainbow Dresses (Plus Shopping Tips)

Its hard enough for us unicorns to find fun, bright, and colorful clothes (esp if you’re + size like me). If clothes covered in cute rainbow patterns that aren’t overly costumey or outrageous are rare, then pastel rainbows are basically the holy grail! But here they are! Three pastel rainbow dresses that are available now (shop quick because they’re selling out fast) along with a few tips that I use to help me find colorful clothes all year long. (even during the fall when everything is brown and orange *gag*)


1. Pastel Prisms and Skiing Cats

This cute blue dress from Modcloth has the most whimsical print! Cats are skiing, lurking on snow covered mountains and making cat snowmen all with a pretty pastel prism overlay. 

This is a great look for the office, date night or twirling around on a Sunday afternoon.

*Shopping tip: We are approaching one of the best times to shop for special pieces. While Modcloth is known for their fun prints and sense of humor, they really kick it up a notch during the winter holiday season. There will likely be a heavy supply of shimmering dresses and sequin embellishments. Check your favorite stores starting Nov 1 and set aside a little $$ to treat yo self! You’ll thank me later when you’re rocking that cute sparkly top with your favorite jeans this spring 😉

2. Pastel Rainbow Gradient

This  pastel smock dress from Asos is basically my favorite kind of dress. Its universally flattering, comfortable, inexpensive and perfectly pastel. I have the same style dress in multiple colors and am always looking out for more. I love anything I can just throw on with sneakers and look slightly put together!

*Shopping tip: This is an Asos brand oversized smock dress in a size 14 (I also have the size 12 and it fits great too) . For all my plus size girls out there who have a hard time finding cute easy to wear dresses, never skip the “standard size” section. Look for words like “oversized” and “loose fitting” and don’t get caught up on dress size! Just try it on and see what happens… you will likely be pleasantly surprised but either way theres really nothing to lose.

3. Pastel Rainbow Dash

Thats right, this dress is a My Little Pony “Rainbow Dash” themed dress that was released in celebration of the latest MLP movie.

Even though I ultimately purchased this dress at Hot Topic, I originally saw it at their sister store Torrid in the Halloween costume section.  Which brings me to my final tip…

Shopping tip: One person’s Halloween costume is another person’s super cute tulle pastel rainbow dress! You’d be surprised how many super cute clothes I’ve found checking the cosplay and halloween costume sections, that goes double for accessories. Alongside the bad rainbow clown wigs and “sexy nurse” outfits you’ll sometimes find fun novelty pieces that you can work into your regular wardrobe.

Catching Feelings For Fall With ModCloth

Fall is here! And while everyone else is planning their halloween costumes and o-d-ing on pumpkin flavored everything, I’m typically clinging to my summer wardrobe and trying to decide how early is “too early” to start putting up Christmas decorations.

I wouldn’t say that I hate fall, but its definitely been my least favorite season for as long as I could remember.  Tbh, if it wasn’t for my love of candy corns and my birthday which happens to be on Thanksgiving  I would just “skip” fall altogether.

But just like the seasons, somehow I think my feelings towards fall are finally starting to change… and with all the cute offerings from ModCloth, I will have plenty of playful looks to celebrate my new found affinity for what I used to call “pre Christmas”  lol 

Here are two of the most falliest outfits I’ve ever worn. And if you’re a spring/ summer lover like me, maybe these will get you into the swing of things.

I like to call this outfit my “Casual Pumpkin Patch” look. These photos were taken at Disneyland but I couldn’t imagine a better thing to wear whilst picking out the perfect  “watermelon of fall”.

It all started with this adorable pumpkin print blouse

I initially wanted to style it with a rich jewel-tone colored skirt,  but when I saw these velvety peacock blue overalls, I knew they’d be the perfect pairing! I pulled the look together with fuchsia chucks, minnie mouse ears and this cute pumpkin crossbody bag. 

So for this next outfit, I have to warn you…things get pretty dark! I was really feeling the witchy vibes. And I figured if I was really going to commit to this fall thing, I needed to add more black clothing to my collection and thus what I like to call the “Spooky Spice” look was born.

If this Modcloth “Record Time A-line Dress” doesn’t scream spooky but cute but spooky, I don’t know what does.

This is such a versatile dress that you can totally wear in 70 degree L.A. weather or layer it up if you’re in a place that actually has seasons.

I love a good Fair Isle holiday sweater so I figured this one with skulls would totally increase the creepy factor.

Fall or not, I’m still me, so I had to add at least one pop of color to balance all of this black and white and I figured a classic red accent was the best way to go.  These little red canvas sneakers are also from ModCloth. You can find my spooky bat bag here 


While you wont find me gushing over chunky knits, rolling around in pile of leaves or drinking gallons of PSL anytime soon (or ever! Lets be real here). I am so here for all of the fun novelty prints and channeling my inner witch. I mean…  thanks to Modcloth  I did totally double the amount of black clothes in my closet (from two to four).   Lets see if all the cute clothes and fall festivities will keep me distracted long enough to keep my pink christmas tree in storage until after Halloween.

*This blogpost was made in collaboration with ModCloth.

To Be Young, Gifted and Black (While Battling Bulimia.)

The first time that I told my mother that I had an eating disorder was during a therapy session while I was in treatment. I shared that I had been purging since I was 12 and how hard its all been dealing with everything…. I was raw and vulnerable, pouring out my guts and telling all of my painful secrets. Meanwhile, my mother maintained her “we’re in front of company” voice… you know, the one you might hear had she been on a job interview or conducting business over the phone. I could tell how hard it was for her to hear these things for the first time, in front of a stranger, but I had to say the words. I had to tell her “I’m not okay” over and over so that it could be real for the both of us. But we were there in front of my therapist (read nice white girl that seemed a little young) in a nice room, so the best that I could get from my mom was nice. I ugly cried and she was nice, I screamed at her at the top of my lungs (because I clearly must have forgotten myself ) and she continued to be nice, barely raising her voice.

Black girls don’t have eating disorders, at least not in my family. We may eat too much or feel insecure about our weight, but its not really that big of a problem, certainly not an illness. No one ever said those words to me but somehow they were an unspoken part of my narrative, so much so that when I started binging and purging as a preteen I didn’t think anything of it. I was a chubby black girl in a family full of appropriately curvy women and according to my mom “ I was beautiful no matter how much I weighed”

Bulimia just about destroyed my life in every way. I dropped out of high school because I was always “sick” and couldn’t keep up with my advanced classes. By the time I was 17 I had my GED and resolved to make up for my failure by excelling in community college… But bulimia prevailed yet again. And again when I was in my early 20s and could barely keep a job. I lived a secret life of shame, even after I began sharing a home with my now husband, I kept my other life hidden. Thats what it had become, a second life where I hid food like like a junky stashing heroine and binged until I couldn’t move all so I could feel that release. Purging was like a drug and I stayed high as a bird. Until one day I found myself standing on the ledge of a building with no wings preparing to leap. It wasn’t until I came crashing to the ground that day (because a stranger grabbed me before I could jump) that I truly knew I was sick.

Im sharing this because when I was 12 or 16 or 22, reading the story of an actual black girl that not only had an eating disorder but fought for her life and won could have changed things for me. I won because I’m still alive and fighting every single day. I have real problems and stress and hard times but I never disappear back into the secret shame. I talk about it, I air it out so that it doesn’t grow like mold in the familiar darkness and and infect my entire life again. I’m a magical Black girl, a unicorn, an artist and entrepreneur a creative thinker and a survivor and I am in my 6th year of recovery from bulimia.

If you can relate to any of this, please don’t give up. Please don’t let the shame convince you that this is your fault. This is an illness and a deadly one that thrives in the darkness.  Air it out, let some light in… If I can do it, I know you can too.

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