Target Skater Dress: Styled 3 Ways

So… This dress has been sitting in the back of my closet since that one day I went to my local Target for emergency paper-towels and dish-soap and came home with like 4 new skater dresses, nail polish and barely got the paper towels (totally forgot the dish soap though!!)

It’s a simple little number, stretchy, comfortable and pretty much universally flattering.  But I kept passing it over for other comfy options, because I felt like the particular shade of green clashed with my current hair… hence my problem with just randomly buying clothes from target when I’m in a hurry – which is always.

Determined to not file this dress in that distant wasteland space of my closet (with other impulse purchases and sample sale regrets), I decided to wear it today and get my full 19.99 plus tax by styling it 3 ways.

For the record, I have like 20 versions of this dress in various colors that totally get worn out… especially during spring and summer months. I usually just throw one on with birks and a cross-body but I thought I’d put a little effort in today 😉 . Target has tons of colors but you can also find similar styles at f21, Asos and just about anywhere if you look.

Look One: (the one I ended up wearing all day at work today)

Husband’s plaid shirt | Chucks | Panama Hat |

IMG_3551 IMG_3552

Look Two: I would totally wear this to a lunch date, or afternoon coffee ice-cream with friends.

Chambray Skirt | Wedges |



Look Three: Not sure where I would wear this look… maybe errands on a colder day?

Cardigan  (similar)| Booties |


IMG_3649 IMG_3703

How would you style this  dress? Like I said, I have tons of these so I could totally use some new ideas 🙂

Photography by Lauren Comes

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