Thanks for Drawing Me :)

One of my favorite things about social media is the opportunity that it gives us to connect with each other. My life is totally better because of the people that I’ve met on the internet (including my hubby). Instagram, in particular, has been such a gift because its afforded me the ability to meet and collaborate with so many amazing artists.

Obviously this is easier to do with the more followers that you have. It also helps a great deal if your followers are like-minded to yourself and if you are willing to open up and engage with them. I know a lot of people struggle to increase their number of followers past just the people that they know, but I have some advice that could help. There are things called Instagram growth tools that offer services which help to grow your follower count with very little effort required from you. There are many out there, but the Upleap reviews suggest that Upleap is one of the most reliable

It’s also provided a platform for me to work through some of my body image issue by sharing photos of myself (something that I used to avoid doing at all costs). It’s such a beautiful gift to not only receive support and encouragement from a diverse online community, but to have so many talented artist recreate my photos.

Today I’m sharing some of the amazing illustrators and graphic artist that I have met through Instagram. Check out their versions of some of my favorite Instagram posts and go support their work!



Artist: Seldem Oskay | Skirt: Space 46 Boutique


Lace and Tulle

Artist: Flo | Outfit details

studiomucci 001

Unicorn Rainbow 1

Artist: Denise De Marco | Outfit details



Artist: Anastasia | Top: Bow and Drape

unicornhideawaypsdisplay2 Shorterall Smoothies Shorteralls rooftop

Artist:Dash and Ash | Shorteralls: Forever 21+


IMG_5617 IMG_4998

Artist: Darian Moses | Dress: Wildfox


Tasselpuf girls

Artist: Jem | Outfit Details


IMG_3019Artist : Sarah Rocha | Doll: Cotton Candy Dollies



Artist: Anne Vu | Dress: Mod Cloth



Artist: Katie Ryan



Artist: Kristin Van Leuven

Main Illustration


This list wouldn’t be complete without including the amazing illustration that serves as my logo for the blog and life!

Artist : Mel Stringer