What To Do When You’re Longing To Be Yourself? Just Start Anywhere!

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I am totally one of those people who probably share too many things on the internet. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I think one of the biggest is the fact that I pretended and hid my true self under my illness for so many years… I just don’t have it in me to fake anything anymore. I almost don’t really have a filter (for better or worse).

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews and collaborations lately, in addition to my blog and daily posts on social media. And something kind of weird is happening…. people are actually reading this shit!

So bizarre!

So yes I am an internet overshare-er… but the other part is that I’m also kind of in this bubble of constant work and very little real interaction with the world outside of my Tasselfactory. So whenever I meet someone who say… follows me on Instagram or reads my blog, it always feels so shocking and surreal.

Sooo when I googled myself a few minutes ago (yikes) and stumbled upon this blog post by the lovely Cierra  (a reflection on my very open and honest interview with Urban Outfitters about Studio Mucci and past struggles) I was kind of moved to tears… almost ugly cried. I guess this just goes to show that we all have the potential to impact others in this world, even if its just a tiny bit.

I just wanted to find Cierra and give her a big hug and tell her that what she’s experiencing (from what I’ve learned) is basically mandatory as a 23 year old creative.

So… since a hug from a rando yarned-haired lady might be weird, I decided to write this post.

Dear Cierra,

I want to assure you that your feelings of frustration with yourself for not being more robust in your artistic pursuits are very very normal. At least I think they are based on what I’ve heard and experienced. I am so grateful that you took some inspiration from my story because that is literally the reason why I’ve decided to tell it so candidly. I want young women like you (and anyone who is willing) to learn from what I’ve been through. And hopefully they won’t have to find themselves standing on a ledge before they can truly accept and love themselves and do what brings them joy. I don’t know your life or what exactly you want to do with it, but I do recognize an intelligent, sensitive, thoughtful and creative person, with a great deal of potential when I see one. I don’t really have any advice, because I’m still trying to figure this shit out myself… But I will say that I think your blog is awesome and that anything that you can do (artistically and otherwise) that makes you feel more like yourself is totally worth investing time in. You should do as many of those things as possible. Also, one thing I’m still learning is how to be patient with myself… in case that info helps 😉

Thanks so much for writing about me and my Urban Outfitters interview, I hope this isn’t too weird.




One thought on “What To Do When You’re Longing To Be Yourself? Just Start Anywhere!

  1. FINALLY! Got to a computer, haha.

    Thank you so so so SO much for your heartfelt and encouraging words!! I can’t say enough about the power of sharing, and having something or someone to relate to. It’s such an awesome gift for leaving something as precious as your vulnerability on the line. Your story resonated with me greatly (as you saw), and I was more than happy to share how it did so in that post! I’m so glad you’ve gotten through your struggles and I’d love to stand with you–hand-in-hand–and fight through any other of life’s adversities to be the best us we can be! Keep growing and learning!

    And uh, YEAH! I’d love to get a hug from you! *hugs from fellow yearn head* =)))

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