Tasselfairy’s New ‘Do

I just dropped like 10 lbs!

Of hair!!!

Well, ok maybe my yarn braids didn’t weigh that much… more like 2-3 pounds, but I didn’t actually weigh them so its impossible to know 🙂

After almost a year and a half of wearing yarn braids I decided it was time to lighten up…

Tasselfairy rainbow balloon
{Jitterbug suspender skirt from Unique Vintage}

put some spring in my step…

Vintage pinup vibes
{Pink Floral Formosa Swing Dress from Unique Vintage}

And change my look!

Amina Unicorn hair
{Ivory Floral Halter San Vicente Swing Dress from Unique Vintage}

The transformation from this

Rainbow Yarn braids

to this


Was a long, educational and collaborative process. The first thing that I did was start thinking about all of the amazing styles that I could possibly have. When I finally decided that I would definitely want extensions, the next thing I did was contact my fellow boss babe Melissa of Big Chop Hair.  I had such a positive experience the last time I wore big chop extensions, that I knew I wanted to use them again.   

When I began dreaming up my new ‘do, the only thing that I knew for sure was that I wanted to keep my mermaid-unicorn color (I don’t think I will ever wear natural hair color again).  Lucky for me, I happen to be friends with one of the top celebrity colorists in L.A., Kacey Welch. Once we received the hair, Kacey and I immediately began conducting experiments! (Well Kacey and her team conducted the experiments while I “watched” via text message lol). 

Several test strands and text messages later Kacey came up with this unicorn mermaid magical goodness.

Amina's natural hair color  It’s the perfect combination of vibrant pinky purple and neon pink.

Kacey is also the resident senior extension expert at the Jonathan and George Salon so yeah, she totes installed my extensions too! She’s such a badass that she pioneer her own method for installing extensions (The Kacey Welch Method).

Kacey Welch installing Amina's mermaid hair

Kacey welch and Amina Mucciolo

You probably couldn’t tell, but I’m totally obsessed with my new hair 🙂


Photography by Lauren Comes.

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