Little Black Dress

I can probably count all of the black articles of clothing in my closet on one hand and maybe even have a few fingers left to spare. Recently, I realized the one thing thats been missing from my wardrobe is the ever classic and versatile LBD. I mean… any fashionista will tell you that every girl should have at least one. So I decided to heed Coco’s sage advice by heading to Rachel Pally for my very own little black dress.

Tasselfairy LBD6

I’m still me, so naturally I had to lighten up all the black with pops of pastel duh! 🙂

Tasselfairy LBD2

I was inspired by the return of my fairy floss hair, so I kept the accessories minimal and in sweet cotton candy colors

Tasselfairy LBD3

I don’t typically wear this type of silhouette but the fabric was so soft and scrunchy that I just couldn’t resist! I swear Rachel Pally makes her dresses from cloud fluff or something. They are so comfortable!

Tasselfairy LBD4

I totally love the idea of styling a bodycon dress with sneakers for a more laid-back look. But I will pretty much wear tennis shoes with a ball gown if given the opportunity so theres that.

Tasselfairy LBD5

I think there might be more black attire in my future… but I’ll always add a little colorful whimsical twist 😉

Don’t forget to shop this look below and tell me your favorite ways to style a little black dress in the comments!

Photography by Lauren Comes Check her out on instagram


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