Reflecting On Recovery: Find Your Spring

Amina In Spring

I was reborn 5 springs ago. April 2011 is when I entered treatment for bulimia and began the journey of becoming myself. At the time, I didn’t really know that my life would change so drastically. I honestly didn’t believe that I would be alive for very much longer because I had given up… fortunately for me, the people in my life hadn’t.

Recovery is the hardest thing that I have ever done and continue to do, but the rewards have been immeasurable. As I’ve shared recently, I still struggle all the time with so many things. But the difference is that now I face my challenges openly and honestly and without shame, as the woman that I have always wanted to be. If you are struggling with an eating disorder (whether you have began recovery or not) please don’t give up on yourself. You are important. You are not alone. Your struggle is not shameful, it is human and therefore beautiful. You are worthy of acceptance and love from everyone and most importantly from yourself. Things in my life have changed an awful lot and I’m extremely proud of all the progress that I have made. I’m even completing an Eating Disorder Certification Online so that I can become a counselor and help others that struggle with issues like bulimia. No one should go through it alone and I believe that my experience can help hundreds of other people. I can’t believe that I have recovered from this awful eating disorder. It’s been a really difficult journey but I’m seriously pleased with everything that’s happened. Well done to me!

I love you. I believe in you and I hope that you find your spring.


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