Neutral Style

Tasselfairy Plus Size Neutral StyleLong long ago, before I dawned rainbow hair and became my true unicorn self, I wore a whole lot of brown…. No seriously ask my husband. I was all about that boho life! My apartment was beige, my clothes were varying shades of neutrals with random pops of color and a sprinkling  of tribal prints.  I guess you could say I was extremely colorful “on the inside”, but I wasn’t quite ready to fully express myself.

Tasselfairy Plus size Neutral StyleThose days are clearly behind me and I now have a rainbow wardrobe to match my hair! And if you follow me on social media you know that my love for all things colorful is only matched by my love for all things cute! Enter this adorable brown bear bag from Modcloth! (I am literally squealing as I type!)

I was so smitten with this cute little cub that I had to find shoes to match… and before I knew it I was pulling together a very brown outfit in its honor. 

Tasselfairy Plus Size Neutral StyleInspired by memories of my earth-tone clad past and this cute little bag, I decided to keep going and pick out some out some of my favorite neutral pieces to share! Shop my look and the rest of my neutral style picks below!

Tasselfairy Plus Size Neutral Style