Adventures in Vintage with Whurl

Last week I ventured into vintage!

90's Tasselfairy whurl
90’s Mickey Mouse t-shirt, available on Whurl (Styled by Sam)

I revisited my time as a moody 90’s teenager (looks like not much has changed)

Amina Vintage 70's Whurl
Lane Bryant Robe from the 70’s found on Whurl
Amina vintage caftan twirl 70's whurl
70’s caftan found on Whurl (Styled by Sam)

and twirled back to the 70’s (over a decade before I was born but definitely an era I can dig)

As someone who has OCD I’ve always been somewhat terrified by the idea of using stuff that belonged to someone else. I would hear stories from friends who happened upon these amazing vintage finds. But before I could allow myself to be seduced by tales of five dollar frocks and kitschy cuteness, I would always be snatched back to “reality” by the thought of what kind of animal-hoarder hell those items had previously lived in before being donated or plucked from an estate sale. Did I mention that I also have a slightly overactive imagination? 

But still, in the back of my mind, I always knew that there was this whole other magical world of fashion that was waiting for me. If only I could just muster up the courage (and enough hand sanitizer) to take the plunge.

Enter my friend Samantha Kuntz!

Samantha Kuntz Whurl

A purple haired (depending on when you meet her) spunky vintage maven and creator of the vintage marketplace app Whurl. Whurl can be described as kind of a reverse eBay for vintage lovers! Not only can you both buy and sell items on the app, but you can harness the power of Whurl’s growing supportive online community to help you find the vintage items of your dreams by simply posting an image!  Sam has become my official vintage guru by slowly introducing me to pieces via Whurl and somehow its all been working! The true test (of both her patience and my willingness to stretch myself for cute clothes) will be coming soon when Sam and I finally go thrifting IRL! 

For now, I was so intrigued by this world of old and new that I decided to share this journey with all of you. I know for many of you who don’t have my germaphobe issues, one of the barriers to shopping vintage has been the sizing. Thats another thing I love about Sam, she’s committed to sharing her love for vintage clothes with everyone and has been really working hard to achieve greater size diversity on Whurl.

So we hung out at her home (which is basically a vintage wonderland) and did a cute little lookbook (sneak peek above) featuring some pieces from Whurl. We also did a haul and giveaway that you won’t want to miss! Most of the items are available for purchase and many of them of are plus size!

You can watch the haul here

Check out the Lookbook!