Positive Rainbow Vibes With Rainbow OPTX

Amina Rainbow BackpackI always try to surround myself with as many rainbows as possible. I’ve always found color to be such a powerful source of positivity and happiness. So naturally when I discovered the these cute shades in rainbow colors by Rainbow OPTX, I was eager to try!

Amina Magenta Rainbow Optx

I received 2 full sets in the wayfarer and heart frames… can you guess which one is my favorite?!

Amina Rainbow Optx Green Heart Frames
I am OBSESSED with the heart frames!!!

They come in 10 beautiful colors, each with a different affirmation and focus to help shift your perspective based on what you need more of in your life.Rainbow Optx color therapy My personal favorite would have to be (surprise surprise) the rose colored lenses… They focus on love and help you purify, open, uplift and awaken and they also make everything you see feel happy and warm…. kind of like your eyes are getting a hug 🙂

Amina Black lipstick rainbow optx rose heart shades

Pink Flatlay Rainbow OptxAmina Rose color therapy sunglasses

My second favorite to experience are the yellow lenses. They have a similar effect to the pink and help you focus on will power.  You should wear these when you need to be happy, connect, protect, balance, and purify and to achieve a sense of openness (or like whenever you want :))

Amina Rainbow Optx Yellow Lenses

Amina Mucciolo Rainbow Optx Yellow

Yellow Lenses Rainbow OptxIt’s such a fun way to add color to your look and even change your mood!

Guess what!? I am offering a special coupon code just for my unicorns. Head to https://rainbowoptx.com and use the code STUDIOMUCCI to get 20% off 4 or more pair (trust me you will want to buy more than 1 because they are already super reasonably priced)

Amina Mucciolo Rainbow Optx Green Heart Frames

AND we are also giving away two pairs on Instagram. Head over and enter for your chance to win.

Amina Mucciolo Wildfox Black Star Sweater

Amina Star Lennon Sweater Wildfox Rainbow

Be sure to watch my Rainbow OPTX haul video where you can learn more about each color and my experience with them.

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