Fun With Frank Body: Coffee Scrub and Face Range Review

Lets be Frank….  my constantly evolving ability to beat my face has definitely lead me to neglect my skin more than I should. So I’ve decided that 2017 is the year that I will focus more on whats going on underneath the makeup.

I’ve been a fan of Frank Coffee Scrub ever since the first time I tried it on my sensitive dry skin a few years ago.

Shortly thereafter, I started to try it on my face and the fandom quickly turned into an obsession.

It left my skin soft, glowing and feeling like new. I mean you could see a visible difference almost immediately after use.

I loved it, but it wasn’t the most convenient product to work into  a face regimen for daily or even every other day use… I mean It’s kind of a mess, which would probably be my only negative feedback for the scrub.

But the the brand totally revels in the idea of getting dirty before you get clean, so I knew what I was getting myself into 🙂 In fact, thats one of the reasons why I tried the scrub o begin with! Frank Body just seemed like a brand that liked to have fun, and honestly thats what I’m all about!

I continued to use the scrub and body balm (which I completely recommend for anyone with sensitive rash prone skin) on an as needed basis.

When they finally came out with products specifically for your face  (I think they’ve been out for more than a year or so now) I knew I had to try! I ordered the Sweet Cheeks Kit lickity split! The kit comes with the creamy face cleanser, face scrub and  everyday moisturizer.

Honestly, it did not disappoint! Much like my experience with the original coffee scrub, my skin was glowing, well moisturized and noticeably softer after just one use.

You can see more about the my experience with the face range in the video below (Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel)

Check out Frank’s cheeky Instagram @frank_bod (expect lots of pink, playfulness and pretty girls)

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