Catching Feelings For Fall With ModCloth

Fall is here! And while everyone else is planning their halloween costumes and o-d-ing on pumpkin flavored everything, I’m typically clinging to my summer wardrobe and trying to decide how early is “too early” to start putting up Christmas decorations.

I wouldn’t say that I hate fall, but its definitely been my least favorite season for as long as I could remember.  Tbh, if it wasn’t for my love of candy corns and my birthday which happens to be on Thanksgiving  I would just “skip” fall altogether.

But just like the seasons, somehow I think my feelings towards fall are finally starting to change… and with all the cute offerings from ModCloth, I will have plenty of playful looks to celebrate my new found affinity for what I used to call “pre Christmas”  lol 

Here are two of the most falliest outfits I’ve ever worn. And if you’re a spring/ summer lover like me, maybe these will get you into the swing of things.

I like to call this outfit my “Casual Pumpkin Patch” look. These photos were taken at Disneyland but I couldn’t imagine a better thing to wear whilst picking out the perfect  “watermelon of fall”.

It all started with this adorable pumpkin print blouse

I initially wanted to style it with a rich jewel-tone colored skirt,  but when I saw these velvety peacock blue overalls, I knew they’d be the perfect pairing! I pulled the look together with fuchsia chucks, minnie mouse ears and this cute pumpkin crossbody bag. 

So for this next outfit, I have to warn you…things get pretty dark! I was really feeling the witchy vibes. And I figured if I was really going to commit to this fall thing, I needed to add more black clothing to my collection and thus what I like to call the “Spooky Spice” look was born.

If this Modcloth “Record Time A-line Dress” doesn’t scream spooky but cute but spooky, I don’t know what does.

This is such a versatile dress that you can totally wear in 70 degree L.A. weather or layer it up if you’re in a place that actually has seasons.

I love a good Fair Isle holiday sweater so I figured this one with skulls would totally increase the creepy factor.

Fall or not, I’m still me, so I had to add at least one pop of color to balance all of this black and white and I figured a classic red accent was the best way to go.  These little red canvas sneakers are also from ModCloth. You can find my spooky bat bag here 


While you wont find me gushing over chunky knits, rolling around in pile of leaves or drinking gallons of PSL anytime soon (or ever! Lets be real here). I am so here for all of the fun novelty prints and channeling my inner witch. I mean…  thanks to Modcloth  I did totally double the amount of black clothes in my closet (from two to four).   Lets see if all the cute clothes and fall festivities will keep me distracted long enough to keep my pink christmas tree in storage until after Halloween.

*This blogpost was made in collaboration with ModCloth.

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  1. Those overalls are EVERYTHING! I love the colour of them, I’d only noticed them in the olive. Disneyland looks like so much fun.

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