Colorful Gallery Wall With Framers Pointe

Ever since we redecorated our loft (Cloudland) earlier this year, there has been one huge empty wall in the living room.

I made a yarn tassel garland as a placeholder to temporarily bring all the colors in the room together, but I always knew that I wanted to do something more fun! That’s when I thought that maybe I should head over to sites like Collov (more info here) to see if they could give me any design tips when it comes to redecorating my living room because there was just a part of me that didn’t know what to do with it. What I did know is that I wanted it to be colorful and fun!

I’ve partnered with Framers Pointe to create an epic gallery wall inspired by my Instagram feed. Framers Pointe is a online only custom framing site. They have frames, art prints and customizable functional decor like dry-erase, chalkboards and cork! The pricing is pretty reasonable and they have free shipping and returns, which totally makes the whole process way less stressful. I use my Instagram account everyday to post the art I love. I spend a lot of time making my Instagram look perfect and being able to reproduce those posts on my walls is truly amazing. Many of my followers always complement my feed and some even find it inspiring so it’s great to see my favorite pieces hanging on the wall rather than just on a screen. When I first got Instagram, I never would have imagined that my feed would come to life. I didn’t really have many followers when I started and almost bought some from
to get my account going, but with persistence and determination, the likes and follows began to pile up and make my page a success. So, without further ado, I’ll now show you what my new walls look like.

For the gallery wall, I decided to get a bunch of photos framed and printed on canvas. The process was easy enough… you just upload an image and choose whether you want it printed on canvas or as a regular photo. If you want the print framed, there are over 40 framing options to chose from. I opted for a simple gold frame (“Artisan Gold”) that would work with all of the gold accents in the space.

Since the gallery wall was inspired by my Instagram feed, most of the photos that I got printed were taken with my iPhone. You will want pay close attention to the size and resolution of the original image when choosing what size you’d like your print to be. My prints ranged in size from 8×7 for the some of the canvas to framed prints as large as 24×36. Everything arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition. Each of the frames came with a little kit that had almost everything you needed to hang them. The only additional items you really need are hammer and nails.

I used about a dozen framed photos and a dozen printed on canvas to cover most of a 12 by 12 foot wall. I wanted the wall to be colorful and fit the fun and upbeat vibe of our living room area and home, so I picked a mix images of objects and fun pics of Sal and I (and our pups of course)!

When uploading my original images and choosing the print sizes, I tried to keep a running total of the square footage of each print, but I didn’t really do any further planning beyond that.

This was both Sal and my first time installing a gallery wall or really hanging frames of any sort… so there was definitely a learning curve. But we followed the instructions that came along with the little kits and got the hang of things rather quickly. (lol see what I did there šŸ˜‰

(And by “we” I mean that Sal did all the heavy lifting and I chose the photos and told him where to put what) I totally recommend doing this with 2 people if possible! Especially if hanging anything large and heavy or high up.

Overall I am totally happy with my gallery wall and my experience with using Framers Pointe. I love the way all of the prints jazz up the space and and another interesting layer of texture to the room. I’ve even been thinking about getting some new furniture for the living room. I found a great website ( that sells lots of beautiful coffee tables and I think a coffee table is just what this room needs!

I did however underestimate how jarring it would be to see a 3 foot tall photo of myself in print lol… definitely a lot bigger than my phone screen šŸ˜‰