Spring Personified: D.I.Y. Faux Flower Jacket


About The Jacket

Where is the jacket from? I made it! Duh!

How?  The jacket the was pretty easy to make. I glued a bunch of flowers from Afloral onto a cheap bomber jacket that I had lying around.  I’m currently putting together a comprehensive faux flower tutorial with detailed info about how I made the jacket and other useful tips and tricks that I’ll be uploading to my youtube channel soon!  In the meantime, here is a tutorial on how I made the flower wall in my living room which is essentially the same basic process as the jacket. 


Spring is my favorite season. Honestly, its become a lifestyle at this point. 


About The Outfit

 Maxi Dress: I have this maxi dress in 3 colors, its super comfy and easy to wear.

Sheer Dress: I got this dress that I layered under the maxi dress last summer. I’m pretty sure its sold out now… but  here is an identical one in a different color.

Lunchbox: The “My Little Vegan” Lunchbox is a favorite by indie artist Robin Le Riche. Check out his stuff here

Sneakers: Pink Connies  

 About My Hair 

I’ve been braiding my hair for 2 decades. I started wearing colorful braids around 2013 when I begin using yarn and I never looked back! While I sometimes wear my natural hair to give my scalp a rest,  I’ve discovered that being colorful feels the most natural to me.

(I recently switched back to standard kanekalon synthetic braiding hair as more colors have become available)

You can find tons of videos and tutorials about my braids here on my youtube channel 


All photos were taken by my amazing husband and creative partner Salvatore Mucciolo 

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  1. This jacket is everything! I was hoping you bought this somewhere bc I could never duplicate it. Haha I’m not crafty. I hope if some big company sees this they give you a fat paycheck when they mass produce it!

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