Three Perfect Pastel Rainbow Dresses (Plus Shopping Tips)

Its hard enough for us unicorns to find fun, bright, and colorful clothes (esp if you’re + size like me). If clothes covered in cute rainbow patterns that aren’t overly costumey or outrageous are rare, then pastel rainbows are basically the holy grail! But here they are! Three pastel rainbow dresses that are available now (shop quick because they’re selling out fast) along with a few tips that I use to help me find colorful clothes all year long. (even during the fall when everything is brown and orange *gag*)

1. Pastel Prisms and Skiing Cats

This cute blue dress from Modcloth has the most whimsical print! Cats are skiing, lurking on snow covered mountains and making cat snowmen all with a pretty pastel prism overlay.

This is a great look for the office, date night or twirling around on a Sunday afternoon.

*Shopping tip: We are approaching one of the best times to shop for special pieces. While Modcloth is known for their fun prints and sense of humor, they really kick it up a notch during the winter holiday season. There will likely be a heavy supply of shimmering dresses and sequin embellishments. Check your favorite stores starting Nov 1 and set aside a little $$ to treat yo self! If you’re struggling to keep to your budget then you can always check online to see what coupons and discounts you can find for your favorite stores and products. Raise is a popular website for doing this that you should definitely have a look at – You’ll thank me later when you’re rocking that cute sparkly top with your favorite jeans this spring 😉 There are some great online stores to find some amazing items too. I sometimes forget that there used to be a time when online shopping didn’t exist! I would love to have my own little online store at some point in the future, although I would definitely need to take into account some essential Ecommerce Metrics.

2. Pastel Rainbow Gradient

This pastel smock dress from Asos is basically my favorite kind of dress. Its universally flattering, comfortable, inexpensive and perfectly pastel. I have the same style dress in multiple colors and am always looking out for more. I love anything I can just throw on with sneakers and look slightly put together!

*Shopping tip: This is an Asos brand oversized smock dress in a size 14 (I also have the size 12 and it fits great too) . For all my plus size girls out there who have a hard time finding cute easy to wear dresses, never skip the “standard size” section. Look for words like “oversized” and “loose fitting” and don’t get caught up on dress size! Just try it on and see what happens… you will likely be pleasantly surprised but either way theres really nothing to lose.

3. Pastel Rainbow Dash

Thats right, this dress is a My Little Pony “Rainbow Dash” themed dress that was released in celebration of the latest MLP movie.

Even though I ultimately purchased this dress at Hot Topic, I originally saw it at their sister store Torrid in the Halloween costume section. Which brings me to my final tip…

Shopping tip: One person’s Halloween costume is another person’s super cute tulle pastel rainbow dress! You’d be surprised how many super cute clothes I’ve found checking the cosplay and halloween costume sections, that goes double for accessories. Alongside the bad rainbow clown wigs and “sexy nurse” outfits you’ll sometimes find fun novelty pieces that you can work into your regular wardrobe.

The Perfect Plus Size Romper For Summer

Rompers are probably one of my favorite things to wear, especially during the summer!

Amina Romper

Except for the awkward being topless moment when you have to hit the ladies rooms, I would say its one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. I am always on the hunt for a cute romper or any other item of clothing for that matter! I’ve been looking for a romper for a few months now and I’m so pleased that I’ve finally found one. I’ve looked at hundreds of different designs and patterns but as I’ve learned on my hunt, there is definitely an art to picking the perfect one for your body type.

Amina Mucciolo Romper

I have tried a few this season and this one from Fashion to Figure is definitely a favorite! It meets all the criteria for a great summer romper that will be flattering on many!

1. Its lightweight without being sheer.

2. Versatile, You can wear it three ways (my favorite is off the shoulder.)

3. It has an elasticized waist and is very comfy

4. it comes in 3 colors

5. It’s the perfect length AND it has pockets!

Amina Mucciolo Plus size Romper

So FTF totally isn’t paying me to make this post btw lol… I just love sharing when I find something really cute! If you have a favorite romper this summer, please share in the comments!

Tasselfairy RomperShop my entire look below!

National Donut Day


donut float plus size bikini

When I decided to cut back on refined carbs and sugar a few weeks ago, I totally forgot that National Donut Day was right around corner! I clearly didn’t think this thing all the way through, as I have been totally inundated with donuts today!


pink donut floatWell, I am determined to get in on the fun one way or another! I have found that the best way to avoid eating tons of sugary dough is by spending some ;)! So this time I am getting my sugar fix by shopping all the super sweet donut inspired clothes and accessories on the internets.

National donut day

plus size bikini

Check out some of my favorite donut picks bellow, as well as links to where you can find this adorable donut pool float in lots of colors.

tasselfairy on a donut float


Plus Size Casual Collegiate Style with Torrid & Rebel Wilson

Torrid has always been an easy go-to where curvy girls like me can find great fitting jeans and fun t-shirts… but as of late I’ve discovered that they’re so much more! They’ve recently teamed up with funny lady Rebel Wilson for an adorable spring collection. I’m sharing one of my favorite collegiate inspired looks from the Rebel Spring Collection bellow! I’ve also combed Torrid’s entire website for super cute dresses, swimsuits and denim — You can find my picks here.

Click each item in the photo below to shop my look!

AminaRebelSpring12 AminaRebelSpring11 AminaRebelSpring9 AminaRebelSpring8 AminaRebelSpring7 AminaRebelSpring6 AminaRebelSpring3 AminaRebelSpring2

You can also shop this look below 🙂 And don’t forget to checkout my Torrid Spring Summer Favorites 



Fun Flattering Mini Dress + Unicorn Hair Tutorial


Besides the fact that I’m pretty sure I wore this outfit already in the 90’s, this is totally one of my favorite silhouettes. Easy, flowing, short dresses with a little bit of structure at the waist or under the bust are super comfortable and universally flattering. Throw on some sandals or cute boots, and maybe some Unicorn Accessories, and you’re set for any season! Get the outfit details on this entire look as well as the highly anticipated tutorial for my unicorn hair below!

Babydoll cutout dress

Babydoll cutout dress


Babydoll cutout dress

Babydoll cutout dress



unicorn hair

I’m so excited to share my first ever Tasselfairy Tutorial! After many questions and requests, I’m sharing all the deets on how I achieve my signature unicorn hair! Spoiler Alert: I use yarn! Check out the video below for more info. 🙂




What I Wore: Pastel Palm Frond

The minute that I saw this adorable skirt set, I knew that I had to have it because the mixing and matching possibilities would be endless.  I went clothes shopping for an event this week and took the bottom half (this cute little palm frond pencil skirt) for a spin!

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Palm SkirtAmina Mucciolo - Mint Green Pencil Skirt

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Palm Frond

I was somehow able to exercise restraint and not go into Kate Spade

Amina Mucciolo - mint green palm leaf

But all bets were off at DVF

Amina Mucciolo at DVFAmina Mucciolo - Pink Chair DVFAmina Mucciolo - Sephora Seflie
Sephora Seflie!

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt Cat bag Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt F21 Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt  Palm Print

Had to rock this flower wall real quick!

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt - vegan Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt- green juice Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt- Modcloth Cat bag

And then I grabbed a sweet healthy treat (Pressed Juicery Green Juice Freeze with coconut and pink Himalayan salt) before heading back to The Tasselfactory 🙂

Outfit Details: Top: Lululemon | Skirt: Forever 21| Bag: ModCloth | Scarf: ModCloth | Sandal: ModCloth | Sunnies: ModCloth | Phone Case: Skinnydip London