I Tried Gwynnie Bee!

I recently had a chance to try out popular plus size shopping subscription service Gwynnie Bee! So naturally I did a video talking about the experience and trying on some of my favorite clothes from the website. You can head to my Youtube channel to subscribe or scroll down to check out the video below.

While there were definitely a couple of misses, I am happy to say that there were some pieces that I really fell in love with!

The first was this adorable dress from City Chic! While I ended up ordering the wrong size, I loved it so much that it being a tad big didn’t really stop me from putting on sparkly flats and twirling around DTLA.Tasselfairy Citychic floral

Tasselfairy City chic

This is a great dress for everything from a sunny garden wedding to a night on the town with your favorite date. And I’m obsessed with this amazing Ray Necklace by my friend Mr.Kate! Its the perfect simple piece to pair with a dress like this.

Amina Mucciolo Rainbow hair

Of course I’ve been dying to find a reason to rock my chill pill bag, and it pairs perfectly with my Kate Spade flats (snagged those 3 years ago)

tasselfairy chill pill bag

The other look that I really loved was this flirty little A-line number by Alice & You.

Alice and you Dress

I paired this with baby pink shoes and bag to bring out the pretty floral print.

Asos Alice and You Gwynnie Bee

Another really great summery day time option. I would rock this to a nice brunch or afternoon tea! I could also see this as being a cute option to wear if you worked in an office.

Amina Mucciolo Gwynnie Bee

I’m obsessed with the bow collar and belled sleeve!

Tasselfairy Gwynnie Bee

Amina Mucciolo Alice & You

If you liked these dresses, I picked out a few others that you might dig!

Check out my Gwynnie Bee Try on Haul Video!

The Perfect Plus Size Romper For Summer

Rompers are probably one of my favorite things to wear, especially during the summer!

Amina Romper

Except for the awkward being topless moment when you have to hit the ladies rooms, I would say its one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. I am always on the hunt for a cute romper! But as I’ve learned on my hunt, there is definitely an art to picking the perfect one for your body type.

Amina Mucciolo Romper

I have tried a few this season and this one from Fashion to Figure is definitely a favorite! It meets all the criteria for a great summer romper that will be flattering on many!

1. Its lightweight without being sheer.

2. Versatile, You can wear it three ways (my favorite is off the shoulder.)

3. It has an elasticized waist and is very comfy

4. it comes in 3 colors 

5. It’s the perfect length AND it has pockets!

Amina Mucciolo Plus size Romper

So FTF totally isn’t paying me to make this post btw lol…  I just love sharing when I find something really cute!  If you have a favorite romper this summer, please share in the comments!

Tasselfairy RomperShop my entire look below!

Pretty in Peach: 3 Ways To Wear It

Here are 3 ways to wear one of my favorite colors for summer at 3 different price points.

Shop the looks below 🙂

Amina Wildfox Citrus Dress

This sweet citrus dress is one of my favorite pieces from Wildfox’s Ready to Wear collection. Other than the fact that I’m obsessed with all things citrus, I also love how its short in the front and longer in the back. This is also a great option for lots of different body types (check out my wildfox haul video to see how I shop the brand)

Amina Wildfox Citrus Dress

Amina Wildfox Citrus Dress

Amina Pretty in peach

If you can’t tell by now, I’m really about the bare shoulders for summer. I love this ruffle top from torrid paired with peachy cutoffs and floral sandals.

Tasselfairy pretty in peach

Amina Mucciolo crop top

Amina Mucciolo Daisy

This entire look minus the tevas is from Forever21 Plus. Floral lace shorts and cute floral wrap crop top with adjustable ties.

AMina Mucciolo forever 21

All of the jewelry I’m wearing is from Mr. Kate 🙂 Shop the featured pieces below.


Hello Kitty, Torrid and Tasselfairy

A few weeks ago, I found myself covered in head to toe Hello Kitty, twirling in front of a photographer and having one of those “I can’t believe this is part of my job” moments. I have been obsessed with Hello Kitty ever since I was like 5yrs old, so of course I totally did a happy dance when Torrid asked me to help launch their HK collection.

Here is a behind the scenes look at my photoshoot for Hello Kitty X Torrid and some of my favorite looks from the collection!

Amina Torrid x hello kitty

amina torrid hello kitty

Everything is so cute and playful but there’s totally something for everyone!

Amina Mucciolo Hello Kitty

Hair styling and Makeup by Amanda Bourne 

amina Hello KittyAmina Mucciolo Hello Kitty Dress

Neutral Style

Tasselfairy Plus Size Neutral StyleLong long ago, before I dawned rainbow hair and became my true unicorn self, I wore a whole lot of brown…. No seriously ask my husband. I was all about that boho life! My apartment was beige, my clothes were varying shades of neutrals with random pops of color and a sprinkling  of tribal prints.  I guess you could say I was extremely colorful “on the inside”, but I wasn’t quite ready to fully express myself.

Tasselfairy Plus size Neutral StyleThose days are clearly behind me and I now have a rainbow wardrobe to match my hair! And if you follow me on social media you know that my love for all things colorful is only matched by my love for all things cute! Enter this adorable brown bear bag from Modcloth! (I am literally squealing as I type!)

I was so smitten with this cute little cub that I had to find shoes to match… and before I knew it I was pulling together a very brown outfit in its honor. 

Tasselfairy Plus Size Neutral StyleInspired by memories of my earth-tone clad past and this cute little bag, I decided to keep going and pick out some out some of my favorite neutral pieces to share! Shop my look and the rest of my neutral style picks below!

Tasselfairy Plus Size Neutral Style




Reflecting On Recovery

Amina In Spring

I was reborn 5 springs ago. April 2011 is when I entered treatment for bulimia and began the journey of becoming myself. At the time, I didn’t really know that my life would change so drastically. I honestly didn’t believe that I would be alive for very much longer because I had given up… fortunately for me, the people in my life hadn’t.

Recovery is the hardest thing that I have ever done and continue to do, but the rewards have been immeasurable. As I’ve shared recently, I still struggle all the time with so many things. But the difference is that now I face my challenges openly and honestly and without shame, as the woman that I have always wanted to be. If you are struggling with an eating disorder (whether you have began recovery or not) please don’t give up on yourself. You are important. You are not alone. Your struggle is not shameful, it is human and therefore beautiful. You are worthy of acceptance and love from everyone and most importantly from yourself… And I pray that you find your spring. ?

xx Amina

Pastel Workout Clothes: What Unicorns Wear to the Gym

There is nothing like a cute outfit to help you get excited about working out, and these days I need all of the help that I can get!  I mean… Is it just me … or don’t you actually run faster when you have cool sparkly shoes? Being the unicorn/mermaid/fairy that I am, I’m always on the lookout for colorful clothes with a sense of humor.

Whether you’re looking for workout outfit inspiration or just something snazzy to spice up those ubiquitous black leggings…  Here is what I wore to the gym so far this week, and some of my other favorite finds.


Unicorns need cardio too ;)! Click each item in the picture to shop


This mermaid is ready to sweat her tail off. Click each item in the picture to shop

Head to the Tasselfairy Chronicles Fitness Gear Page to shop more of my curated colorful workout clothes and accessories.  And don’t forget to comment below, and share your favorite place to buy cute stuff for the gym!


Tasselfairy’s New ‘Do

I just dropped like 10 lbs!

Of hair!!!

Well, ok maybe my yarn braids didn’t weigh that much… more like 2-3 pounds, but I didn’t actually weigh them so its impossible to know 🙂

After almost a year and a half of wearing yarn braids I decided it was time to lighten up…

Tasselfairy rainbow balloon
{Jitterbug suspender skirt from Unique Vintage}

put some spring in my step…

Vintage pinup vibes
{Pink Floral Formosa Swing Dress from Unique Vintage}

And change my look!

Amina Unicorn hair
{Ivory Floral Halter San Vicente Swing Dress from Unique Vintage}

The transformation from this

Rainbow Yarn braids

to this


Was a long, educational and collaborative process. The first thing that I did was start thinking about all of the amazing styles that I could possibly have. When I finally decided that I would definitely want extensions, the next thing I did was contact my fellow boss babe Melissa of Big Chop Hair.  I had such a positive experience the last time I wore big chop extensions, that I knew I wanted to use them again.   

When I began dreaming up my new ‘do, the only thing that I knew for sure was that I wanted to keep my mermaid-unicorn color (I don’t think I will ever wear natural hair color again).  Lucky for me, I happen to be friends with one of the top celebrity colorists in L.A., Kacey Welch. Once we received the hair, Kacey and I immediately began conducting experiments! (Well Kacey and her team conducted the experiments while I “watched” via text message lol). 

Several test strands and text messages later Kacey came up with this unicorn mermaid magical goodness.

Amina's natural hair color  It’s the perfect combination of vibrant pinky purple and neon pink.

Kacey is also the resident senior extension expert at the Jonathan and George Salon so yeah, she totes installed my extensions too! She’s such a badass that she pioneer her own method for installing extensions (The Kacey Welch Method).

Kacey Welch installing Amina's mermaid hair

Kacey welch and Amina Mucciolo

You probably couldn’t tell, but I’m totally obsessed with my new hair 🙂


Photography by Lauren Comes.

National Handbag Day: Amina’s Picks


In honor of National Handbag Day, here are some of my favorite fun handbags, cross-bodies, clutches and backpacks! And don’t forget to enter to our camera bag giveaway ending soon!


Cute Characters and Critters

Yummy Bags!

Fun and Functional!



Out of This World



Meet Studio Mucci Photographer Lauren and Win Her Camera Bag!

If you follow me on any social media platform or read this blog, then you have definitely seen the work of full time Studio Mucci photographer Lauren Comes.

Lauren and Amina flower crownToday she is sharing what’s in her camera bag and a few insights on how to become more comfortable behind the lens. PLUS We are giving away an adorable coral camera bag, just like hers from TheIt!

Lauren has been holding a camera for nearly half of her life, which becomes more impactful once you learn that she’s only 23! She received her BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2014 and shortly after joined the party here at Studio Mucci.

Lauren photo

So what does she carry in her camera bag?

Weapon of choice: Canon 5D MKII

Essentials: lenses, lens wipes, extra memory card, extra battery, and her favorite red lipstick

The Lula Bag in Coral

She also shared some valuable insights for anyone who is looking to improve their photos or just become more comfortable with a camera.

“Learn how to use your camera!”

Sounds obvious, but if you’re like me and tend to pounce on any technology or new task with a ”learn as you go” approach, this is valuable! Lauren suggests taking the time to familiarize yourself with every setting and option by researching and reading the manual. Because the more familiar you become the less you have to rely on auto mode and then thats where the magic will really happen.

Like any creative endeavor mastering photography really is about volume, as Lauren’s favorite Henri Cartier-Bresson quote suggests “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

Now that you’ve seen whats in her bag, here is your chance to win it! Lauren LOVES how cute and versatile her Lula bag is, Enter to win your own below!

The LULA in Coral




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