Little Black Dress

I can probably count all of the black articles of clothing in my closet on one hand and maybe even have a few fingers left to spare. Recently, I realized the one thing thats been missing from my wardrobe is the ever classic and versatile LBD. I mean… any fashionista will tell you that every girl should have at least one. So I decided to heed Coco’s sage advice by heading to Rachel Pally for my very own little black dress.

Tasselfairy LBD6

I’m still me, so naturally I had to lighten up all the black with pops of pastel duh! 🙂

Tasselfairy LBD2

I was inspired by the return of my fairy floss hair, so I kept the accessories minimal and in sweet cotton candy colors

Tasselfairy LBD3

I don’t typically wear this type of silhouette but the fabric was so soft and scrunchy that I just couldn’t resist! I swear Rachel Pally makes her dresses from cloud fluff or something. They are so comfortable!

Tasselfairy LBD4

I totally love the idea of styling a bodycon dress with sneakers for a more laid-back look. But I will pretty much wear tennis shoes with a ball gown if given the opportunity so theres that.

Tasselfairy LBD5

I think there might be more black attire in my future… but I’ll always add a little colorful whimsical twist 😉

Don’t forget to shop this look below and tell me your favorite ways to style a little black dress in the comments!

Photography by Lauren Comes Check her out on instagram


Bigger Than Plus Size

I have met so many amazing people since I began blogging and sharing my story online. For every sad person trolling the internet looking to inflict the kind of pain that they must be feeling upon others, there are several people out there trying to connect, share their story and spread positivity… I’ve encountered my fair share of both.

In my attempts to connect with more people, I’ve noticed the growing expectation for me to label myself. As a business owner, I understand the importance of marketing, but I’m not really into labels… maybe because I spent so much of my life imprisoned by them. I have strong beliefs and ideas about many things,  but I’ve found that once you start to label yourself, limitations are inevitable.  I sometimes tag a picture on social media with “plus size” or “body positive” in hopes to be found by some of the many people out there who still think that self-expression is limited by size, or that they should be ashamed of their bodies because someone else said so… I really want to do everything that I can to destroy that nonsense! I have flaws, I can be awkward and often insecure, but the point is that I refuse to hide.  I guess I’m ok with labeling myself as a human (for now) but seeing as I’m part unicorn I even find that one a bit sticky. Amina Wildfox Rainbow

During treatment, I had the privilege to be in a room with people of all sizes, sexes, ages and backgrounds  while they talk about their struggles with self acceptance. I learned that being skinny doesn’t give you the monopoly on beauty or good health and being fat doesn’t give you the monopoly on pain and self-doubt. We all have scars, so why not sprinkle them with glitter and let them sparkle in the light.

Amina Wildfox Rainbow Balloon

My mission is to encourage self-acceptance and self-love FOR ALL, because I think its something that everyone struggles with, no matter what they look like. I want to inspire people to embrace themselves as they are today, not 20 or 100 lbs from now, not when they have more money or popularity because all of that is temporary. Regardless of the labels we affix to ourselves or others around us, we all just want to feel like we matter…because we all do.

Do you identify as plus size? I’m a new to this and would love to know your thoughts?

Amina Mucciolo wildfox dress

Amina Wildfox Dress Rainbow Balloon

Outfit Details: Dress: Wildfox Couture | Sweater: Nordstrom | Socks: Modcloth | Shoes: Uggs | Shorts: Forever 21 | Bag: Skinnydip London | Balloon: Studio Mucci

What I Wore: Pastel Palm Frond

The minute that I saw this adorable skirt set, I knew that I had to have it because the mixing and matching possibilities would be endless.  I went clothes shopping for an event this week and took the bottom half (this cute little palm frond pencil skirt) for a spin!

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Palm SkirtAmina Mucciolo - Mint Green Pencil Skirt

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Palm Frond

I was somehow able to exercise restraint and not go into Kate Spade

Amina Mucciolo - mint green palm leaf

But all bets were off at DVF

Amina Mucciolo at DVFAmina Mucciolo - Pink Chair DVFAmina Mucciolo - Sephora Seflie
Sephora Seflie!

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt Cat bag Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt F21 Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt  Palm Print

Had to rock this flower wall real quick!

Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt - vegan Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt- green juice Amina Mucciolo - Mint Green Skirt- Modcloth Cat bag

And then I grabbed a sweet healthy treat (Pressed Juicery Green Juice Freeze with coconut and pink Himalayan salt) before heading back to The Tasselfactory 🙂

Outfit Details: Top: Lululemon | Skirt: Forever 21| Bag: ModCloth | Scarf: ModCloth | Sandal: ModCloth | Sunnies: ModCloth | Phone Case: Skinnydip London